By purchasing a CollabHouse service you accept our terms of service and conditions, you also accept that you are not a victim of fraudulent activity.

And you also release us from any responsibility:

1. CollabHouse is not linked to Instagram, Facebook Inc, or any social network, the services we offer are completely unrelated to these companies.

2. As an advertising agency we provide growth services in social networks to individuals who request real growth, through conventional marketing strategies, we reject the use of bots or “false followers” and do not use them in any of our services.

3. It declares that the different growth strategies for social networks that we use  are completely transparent, an excellent real growth service is provided for the client without using bots.

4. The users that participate to win our giveaways do not have to make payment with money of any kind, they participate to win a prize, where the only thing they have to do to win is to follow the sponsoring accounts of the prize in a social network. In addition to this, we do not request any economic benefit, nor personal information from any participant.

The Sponsors of our Giveaways or Buyers of this service:

5. The accounts that sponsor the giveaway, make a payment in a conscious way so that CollabHouse made the organization of the giveaway ,in charge of hiring influencers to promote the publication; select a winner from outside the organization, deliver the prize and in the process obtain the amount of public estimated according to the scope of the promotion.

6. The results we promise are based on statistics and our experience; our continuous success we do not guarantee results, however, as a client of CollabHouse you have the following guarantees:

a. If the promotion does not generate at least 10% of the service offered, CollabHouse is willing to give a free giveaway promotion to the client, that has the same demographic data that the client bought and the same scope at our sole discretion.

b. If the promotion is published but it is not successful, we CAN NOT MAKE REFUND, however the client can obtain the totality of the service for which he paid, as described in line “a” of section # 6 of this agreement.

c. We do not make refunds, after having paid you must wait for the publication of the promotion on the date indicated in the purchase, the only way to obtain a refund is that the service has been definitively cancelled by us.

d. CollabHouse is committed to using only high-level influencers to provide the service of giveaway promotions and we declare that the public delivered comes directly from the accounts of our influencers, we do not use bots or any automation tool.


By purchasing this service you give us the authorization to use your good results as a testimony of this work, it is important that you know that this is a promotion like any other and you can feel proud to use it, there is no nothing wrong with this.

You are not buying followers, this is not automation, you are paying for a promotion, like any other, that will give you the opportunity to receive new people in your social networks to be a fan of your content, followers of your work, buyers of your products, etc. The use or profit that our clients can give to this new audience depends on the connection they can make with this new group of people  through the content and strategies for interaction with the public.

7. The characteristics and benefits of each promotion are described in each service.

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